Social Media Business

Everyone should be looking into Social Media right now because those who don’t are going to get seriously burned, and regret not forward thinking. Social Media pushes the names of businesses out onto the web for discussion. It allows a business to connect with the community and advertise virtually for free. If a business doesn’t want to get involved in Social Media there could be serious repercussions because other individuals and businesses can hijack brand names and use them in anyway they please.

For example a medium size company, let us call them Righto Inc., might be on the rise to discover there is a twitter account gaining followers, and using a similar brand name to redirect business to their own site. Righto Inc is going to have a certain percentage of their business going through their competition by mistake. Businesses have to think about domain names and social media accounts they wish to preserve so there isn’t any complications in the future.

Branding is one of the most beneficial aspects to social media. When a business puts themselves and their logo all over the web it creates a virtual moat around the company protecting them and establishing the company in the public’s mind. Nike is a great example of a company that has great well established brand. No one can encroach on Nike’s business because their logo and advertising was really well done, making them well-know and visible. The future of Social Media Campaign is bright because they are inexpensive compared to commercial advertisements, which is how Nike originally got huge, by growing their brand and paying for ads, but now days with social media a business can reach an international audience with free social media platforms.

The best way to start a Social Media Campaign is to think long and hard about the domain and user names that should be associated with the business, since the names can never be taken back. The chosen names should really stand out.

Once the domain and user names are established it’s important to select the social media websites which will be most beneficial for a business. Usually a business will want to go with big-name sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook; but in addition, as the popular ones dwindle down there are so many social media websites, a business might want to pick and choose between the most practical ones.

It is absolutely crucial once these sites are acquired to interact with the community. A Twitter or Facebook account won’t help at all if the business is not involved. Social accounts should be following as well as being followed, and accounts should make connections with other individuals and businesses in their industry. Answering questions, promoting and re-tweeting your friends will bond you to your community and get others involved with your business’s objective and goals.

It is important businesses design these profile sites with a call to action. Forms and news letters are a great call to action, because an interested potential customer might sign up with a company, so that the company can contact them later. It is also a good idea to have some kind of incentives to attract customers. For example, a business could create coupons so a web-surfer will sign up and get weekly emails about specials. I recently saw Voyeur, a local San Diego Club, do a promotion on Twitter for free concert tickets. The possibilities are endless and one can get creative.

Using a social media campaign is a powerful way to get an online fan base. Getting creative with social media will only help propel businesses forward.